Only 1 in 5 can solve this riddle right off the bat: Can you figure out what the father’s fourth son is called?


Doing riddles and brainteasers is a great and fun way of sharpening the mind. We could all use some brain stimulation instead of just staring at a monitor, or talking about work with our colleagues.

Solving problems and figuring out puzzles is a great way of adding a bit of variety and spice to your everyday life. I think we all need some of that, now more than ever. It’s also fun to have a bit of a challenge every now and then!

When I visit my grandma and grandpa, they’re almost always doing crosswords, solving sudoku or some other puzzle. They say it keeps their minds fresh and alert – and I can believe it.

Activating your brain with these kinds of challenges really is good and healthy for you.


I know just how lazy and sluggish I get from watching TV or internet videos for a while. Sitting down with something that forces you to think and contemplate is a great way of re-energizing and activating your faculties. It really wakes you up and turns the light on, so to speak.

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