This 100-year-old optical illusion will tell you something interesting about your personality


If you saw the duck first…

You are a true idealist and always try to find the good in people. You subconsciously try to solve the problems that affect those you trust and hold dear. While the world can perceive you as calm and reserved, you have a strong drive and a burning passion that can be seen through your art. The creative harmony within you is a source of admiration and inspiration for people close to you. You are a commander of words and emotion, and your potential knows no limits.

If you first saw the rabbit…

You’re a person of science! Critical and rational thoughts are your driving force. Your self-confidence and passion for facts are impressive to witness. You see the world as it is, and have a powerful desire that drives you to understand how everything works. Considering all options before making a decision is a must – and at the end, you always follow your brain over your heart. You are intelligent and think your surroundings are fascinating. Understanding why things are the way they are is your life’s passion. We expect your next discovery or breakthrough with excitement.

Source: Wake up your mind

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