17-Year-Old Abandoned Cat Tells Her New Family Everyday How Happy She is


Leaving an animal they used to take care of in a shelter is the worst thing a person can do. Unfortunately, something unforeseeable like the death of the owner may result in doing so. When an animal who used to be a house pet find itself in a shelter they feel strange and probably wonder why are they even there. The best scenario for them is to be adopted by someone else. However, that’s not easy with senior animals. Most people who want to adopt a pet rarely consider taking an older furry pal.

When Kiki’s owner passed away, the relatives brought this cat to a shelter in hopes that someone would notice her. But she was already 17-years-old and the chances for that to happen were extremely low. That’s when the Adventure Rescue League stepped in. This organization takes care of senior and special needs cats at their sanctuary. Kiki was lucky enough to be taken to their place where she will receive all the love she needs. Kiki never misses a chance to tell her rescuers how grateful she is for saving her.

Take a look at how adorable this cat is and consider adopting a senior pet.

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