3-year-old baby unconscious after car ride – mom gives urgent caution to all parents

Car seats are not built like they once were. In this day and age, they are high-tech travel compartments that most children find pretty comfortable. Now the reason for a baby seat is to keep them safe and they are constantly check and re-checked so they they meet the safety guidelines that are needed.And since you believe they are designed to be secure for your child, you most likely wouldn’t have second thoughts using it until now.
Now recently this Scottish mothers is warning others of this danger.She wants every parent to know that keeping your baby in the car seat for too long can have serious health consequences.
Kristi Clark and her husband Christopher had strapped their newborn into the car seat for a ride that ended up taking two hours. And by the time, Kristi managed to check on the infant. She was foaming at the mouth because she had suffered from oxygen deprivation.

Kristi could tell something was wrong with her newborn after she and Christopher got stuck in traffic on their way home. She couldn’t get out the car to check on the baby, so she had to wait. But when they got home, mom took Harper, the baby, out of the car seat and saw the horror.

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