A Village Of 50 Tiny Houses Is Being Built So Homeless Veterans Have A Place To Live

They’re making a neighborhood of tiny houses just for veterans and it’s going to include 50 homes!

A group of people in Missouri are working together to build a community of 50 tiny houses that will serve at least 50 homeless veterans.

An organization called Veterans Community Project (VCP) is behind the cool new neighborhood, which is being built on an empty lot.

Three veterans started the nonprofit themselves and have partnered with other organizations to get the project done and help veterans.

This tiny home is one of 50 that make up Veterans Village, a new housing project in Kansas City

Image credits: Veterans Community Project

Homeless veterans can live here completely free, and stay as long as they need to

Image credits: Meghan Baker

The houses were built by Veterans Community Project, a local non-profit organisation

Image credits: Veterans Community Project

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