75-Year-Old Woman Catches 4 Boys Sneaking into Her Yard, Sobs When She Realizes What They’re Doing

In religion, there are so many positive things to be said about helping the elderly and the needy. But you don’t have to be told what’s right and what’s not. It’s all in you. There truly are some very nice humans out there!

To prove that, you need to know what happened to Gerry Suttle, a 75-year-old lady living in Waco, Texas. Gerry had an empty lot just across the street from her home, and it was growing into a really nasty site. The grass was getting too tall for the neighbors’ liking. Someone sued her for it!

Gerry was summoned to the court, but the letter never reached her. An arrest warrant was issued! Thankfully, she has brothers in the region, and they learned of her woes and rushed to help. One hot day, 4 young men showed up at her lot and mowed it clean. No questions asked!

However, she was slapped with something else just a few days later, but the helpers showed up again and pledged their support. Great! Just watch this and see her reaction to all this.

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