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My dad had a few of these. They were Avon colognes and there were many. Have you ever seen one of these?

Avon Car Bottles are some of the world’s favorite collectibles. Here you will find pictures and information about the many possible decanters and bottles you can add to your collection.

Avon Straight Eight

Here is a vintage 1970s Avon bottle featuring the Straight Eight race car. In the picture you can also see the original box.

The green decanter is adorned on the top with a big red circle with the number 8 printed in bold black lettering. The name “straight eight” comes from an early style where the 8 cylinders in the engine block were placed in a straight line along the crankcase. This type of engine first become popular before World War I, but by World War II it had been completely replaced by more modern engine designs.

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