A Young Man Called His Dad After Running Out Of Gas. He’ll Never Forget What He Said Next.


A wise man once told me that we are defined not by doing what we’re expected to do, but by the actions we take when others don’t expect it.
This story, sent in by a reader, is a great example.

My Dad taught me many lessons growing up, he spoke to me about honesty, respect and honor. One day when I was a young man I ran out of fuel in my car. I was a few miles from home and without a penny. I walked into a pub and asked if I could use their phone to get my Dad to come and collect me. They told me there was a payphone in the corner.
I asked if they had 25 cents so I could make the call, and they obliged.

My Dad came, and the following day I picked up my car. When I got home from work the next day, my Dad asked me if I had stopped off to repay the 25 cents I had borrowed.
I hold him “No” as I had not borrowed the money, but they had just given it to me, and it was only 25 cents.

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