Abused dog escapes neglectful home and runs to the only place he’s ever known kindness


When Biscuit the sweet dog started showing up at Kaylie Stogsdill’s house she knew he couldn’t have been happy where he was currently living.

Kind-hearted Kaylie, from Coyle, Oklahoma, fed the little dog until one day it stopped showing up.

Then two years later the same sweet dog appeared again outside her home and Kaylie hardly recognized the sorry sight in front of her.

She was so shocked she called the police.


When Biscuit first started showing up at Kaylie’s home she was already very thin.

“He would come to my house, and I would give him food,” Kaylie told KFOR News.

Skinny dog

Even though Emma fed her she seemed to look worse each time she came over so Kaylie had no choice but to report Biscuit’s owners to the police.

Then the poor skinny dog stopped coming by and Kaylie didn’t see her for two years.

“I thought maybe the situation was fixed,” Kaylie said, wondering if the dog had found a new home or had been re-homed.


Then two years later a very skinny dog turned up at her house and Kaylie didn’t recognize him at first.

“Once I figured out who he was — that he was Biscuit,” Kaylie said. “You just couldn’t tell because he was so skinny.

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