Black Lab Finds Pool In Backyard – What He Does Next Has Owner Running For The Camera


While some dogs don’t have the courage to dive in water, others just wait for the little chance to do it and splash around. Teal the black Labrador just can’t wait until summer is finally here just like we do. The moment she sees her little pool out, she’s just the happiest girl! Dad doesn’t want to miss recording this special moment for his dog, he hits record, zooms in and makes sure to document the whole experience.

He affirms: “Teal loves her pool, every time she gets in she does this.”

Watch the adorable video of Teal playing around and having the time of her life in her pool.

Does your dog love playing in water on a hot summer day? Does your dog come running when you get out the hose or get the pool ready? Let’s hear about their funny habits in the comments!

There is nothing more adorable than watching our pets having fun and playing around. They’re our best friends and they deserve to have their play time from time to time. If you agree, SHARE this clip with other animal lovers on Facebook!

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