Can you find the hidden face? – Solve this challenge


Having a high level of concentration is needed for most things in our daily lives. It also means that it can actually even cause us headaches due to the pressure that we put on our brains and eyes.

The best way to overcome this is by regularly relaxing an healing your mind. You can do this by exercising your brain in a healthy way so that it is ready for the next day.

Brain teasers are a great way of doing this. Whether you enjoy sudoku or crosswords, there are so many types of brain teasers that you will surely enjoy.

My favorite type of brain teasers are optical illusions where you have to concentrate on an image and see if anything stands out from it.

Full Concentration Is Needed
In order to find the small differences, you really have to use all your senses.

For this challenge, you have 15 seconds to find the hidden face amongst the hundreds of stones. Let’s see if you’re up for the challenge.

Were you able to find it? If so, well done! If you’re still struggling then check the answer below:

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