Cat comforts dog with hugs cuz their parents are away

Welcoming in your life a dog that had been part of a dysfunctional family may be challenging because these animals need to be provided with extra special love and care. They usually have difficulties trusting humans again and avoid contact at any cost. This was the case with Brenna Eckert’s adopted dog Joulie. Once home, the dog showed obvious signs of anxiety. Brenna even contacted a behaviorist who worked with Joulie and tried to help her overcome the fear of being left home alone.

Surprisingly, this all changed once another fur creature became permanent resident of Brenda’s home. The orange tabby named Kelvin and Joulie bonded just perfectly. However, Brenda wouldn’t be aware of this special friendship if she hadn’t set up cameras all over the place.

One day, as she was going through the camera’s footage she was left completely stunned. Her dog and her cat who didn’t seem to be paying much attention to one another were actually snuggling and kissing when no one was around.

It’s so much fun knowing their secret. They stay away from each other when mom’s at home, except when the two are both by her side. But when she’s out, they never leave each other’s side. 

“This happens literally every weekday for the full 8 hours we’re gone. Amazing! You gotta love it.” 

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