Cat or dog: The first pet you see will say something interesting about your personality


Finding something about how one’s personality has always been a fascinating idea. Reading hands is, for example, an ancient tradition where a fortune teller looks at your palm and predicts your future.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it can still be exciting to learn more about yourself or your future.

With modern times, online personality tests have become very popular, and it’s no surprise, seeing how the internet has grown as a communication and interaction platform.

The test below has been spreading online lately, and the other day it reached my coworkers.

There is a nice debate going on in my office about whom saw what first, depending on the answer you apparently can learn something about your personality.

Do you see two cats or a dog first?

Below we see an image – but the reasons behind what you see first are interesting. The picture contains several figures.

Some people see two cats first, while others notice the dog first.

What you see first will say something about your personality.

So take a look at the picture below and answer – what do you see first?

The explanations are after the picture.

personality test
Image source: Shutterstock

Do you see the cats first?

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