Dachshund witnesses a cow for first time cow gives him a kiss

Some of the best friendships that happen in life are the most unlikely to occur. Watch as this 6-month-old wire-haired dachshund puppy, named Lana, reacts after meeting a cow for the very first time. They hit it off in only seconds! No one would expect a puppy and a cow to be friends but it looks like they already have a great bond and are very happy that they encountered each other. This little puppy is so happy to spend time with her new cow friend. Every time she gets close to the cow, there is no way she is holding back her excitement!

It looks like Lana wants to play tag, but I don’t think the cow wants to run around right now, so funny! After she walks away from the cow, it starts to slowly walk back to her. The cow wants to spend some more time with Lana, so cute! These two are sure to have many more play dates in the future! The cow and the puppy are an awesome duo, what a lovely video. Definitely puts a smile on your face!

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