Dad chops off daughter’s hair as punishment for birthday gift she got from mom

We all know that beauty comes from the inside. But despite that, we all care about how we look.

After all, it is a great feeling to go all out and make an effort with our appearance now and then.

One thing that most of us care a little extra about is our hair. Which isn’t so strange, considering that it’s one of our most visible features.

That’s why a bad haircut can cause even the most confident among us to hide away until it gets fixed.

But does a bad or forced hair cut count as assault? Probably.

In January, happy-go-lucky Kelsey turned 13. The new teenager decided that she wanted to try a different look.

She decided that she wanted to get highlights, a request that her mom Christine Johnson agreed to. The mom took her daughter to the hairdressers as a birthday treat.

Afterwards, Christine took a photo of her smiling daughter, who was clearly very happy with how her new style turned out.
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But her happiness was short-lived. Just days later, Kelsey went to stay with her father and stepmother – and the visit would traumatize the young girl.

The photos her mom took after the visit are shocking and heartbreaking.

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