Family surprises boy at school before christmas with his lost friend dog

Christmas time, which is the most fabulous part of the year for many people. Happiness and joy was also experienced these days by Carter Licata, when his mother delivered the most touching surprise.

She found their lost puppy and then moved her son Carter to tears with reunion!

April Elizabeth Licata, the Carter’s mother, wrote in the video that their puppy Piper had escaped from home on November 18th. Carter, along with his sister Natalie, was constantly searching for Piper and soon he thought he would never see her again.

April Elizabeth Licata
Piper was given to Carter by his parents on his 12th birthday, who wanted a puppy like that. They developed an inseparable bond, but fate has cruelly played out with Piper last month.

Two weeks ago, April Elizabeth received a message that there was a puppy in the animal shelter that looked like their lost puppy Pipper. She made her way to the shelter and there she was Piper in front of her!


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