Heartbreaking reality: Owners line up at shelter to surrender their pets before July 4th parties!


This is the pet surrender line on Tuesday at a Houston, Texas animal shelter with people waiting to abandon their dogs and cats.

The heartbreaking photo was taken by the rescue group Snarr – Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation. On the organization’s Facebook page, the frustration and anger of the situation was palpable:

“All these dogs and cats are about to be DUMPED to face a death sentence. Right now, they are standing in line, the concrete searing their paws, and they have no idea that it’s about to get worse,” the post begins.

And then the reality of what the dogs and cats are quickly sensing and the apparent indifference of their human companions brings both anger and tears at the same time:

“They’ll be dragged from the person they love, the person that swore to love and care for them for the duration of their lives. They’ll be confused, sad, but most of all terrified.

The smell of death is overpowering here. After a day or two of sleeping on cold, dirty floors with the cacophony always all around, shivering and scared, they’ll be walked down a long hall to a room.”

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