Hero Dog Emerges From Water With Something In Her Mouth…Owner Looks Close And Gasps!

No matter how well we think we know our animals, they always seem to do something to surprise us.

We learn early on never to brag about our pets because that’s a sure way to get them to misbehave in front of any company.

If we say they absolutely will do something, they just might not. And vice versa.

For instance, Mark Freeley of Port Jefferson, Long Island, thought he understood his dogs’ behavior patterns.

But he had no idea one of them had the makings of a true-blue hero!

He was walking the two dogs along the harbor one sunny afternoon when his golden retriever, Storm, suddenly darted out into the shallow water.

Mark knew his dogs were full of energy and excitement, so he didn’t think much about Storm’s impulsive behavior.
After all, it was a pretty hot day. She probably just needed to cool down.

Then again, she was a retriever; she could have gone in to retrieve a stick out of the water.

Mark stopped and watched as Storm swam out to an object in the water, picked it up in her mouth and began to swim back.

Yep, she was a retriever all right.

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