Hero Dog Emerges From Water With Something In Her Mouth…Owner Looks Close And Gasps!

It was a pretty large object, and Storm was having to struggle to get back to the bank.
Mark encouraged her, telling her she was a very good dog.

It wasn’t until she got back to the bank that he realized what a very good dog she was indeed.

The object Storm had swum out to retrieve hadn’t been a stick at all.
It was a spotted baby fawn!

As Mark watched in awe, Storm pulled the fawn onto the shore and carefully laid it in the sand. The deer was still alive, but Mark could tell she was in shock.

He had no idea how long the poor animal had been struggling to stay afloat in the harbor.

He was mystified at how Storm had seen the baby struggling when he had been looking in the same direction and hadn’t seen a thing out of the ordinary.

Storm stayed with the fawn while she was recovering.

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