Hero Dog Emerges From Water With Something In Her Mouth…Owner Looks Close And Gasps!

Like a mother dog with her puppies, Storm kept gently nudging her every few minutes to make sure she was okay.

Meanwhile, Mark called Strong Island Rescue, a local animal organization, to help.

When the team got there, their arrival startled the already terrified fawn. With one leap it was away from Storm and back in the water.
This time, Mark kept Storm beside him while one of the rescue team went in the water after the baby.

He had hurt his knee trying to keep the fawn out of the water, but Frankie Floridia didn’t stop going.

Despite the pain, he quickly followed the fawn and gently scooped her up into his arms.

Frankie was smiling as he walked back to shore, the frightened baby held tightly in his arms.

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