Hero Dog Emerges From Water With Something In Her Mouth…Owner Looks Close And Gasps!

He then handed her over to Erica Kutzing, a fellow worker from Strong Island Rescue, so she could dry her off in their van.


The poor thing was a little frightened at first, and understandably so.

But when they reached the Rescue’s van and once the baby was laid down on a towel, she stopped fighting and relaxed a bit.

They took the baby to a shelter in Port Jefferson where some minor wounds were treated. Then, they released her back in the area where she had been found.


She had a much better chance at survival there, with her mother, than being raised by humans.

We bet the next time Storm jumps into the water or tells Mark that he sees something that Mark can’t see…Mark will listen to her!

Good dog, Storm! You’re a credit to your breed and your species for caring so much about another animal.

We give you an honorary heroes badge for a job well done! [Source]

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