Only 1 in 7 get this right: How many holes does this T-shirt have?


We are doing exercises to keep our bodies fit and in shape. There are huge number of exercises that can be done in order to shape the body the way we like. Similar to this, we have large number of exercises to keep our brain sharp as well. Crosswords, puzzles or problem-solving exercises are just one of the ways to keep the brain fresh and alert.

Nowadays, with the easy access to the Internet, we can find numerous puzzles that help our brain be sharp. These puzzles or tasks are actually very useful. People who created such kind of puzzles are doing a great favour to all of us.

In the past these kinds of puzzles could be found only on paper. The school magazines or the teachers at school were delivering these type of activities. The time pressure and the task in front of you made your brain active and alert.

Of course, these types of activities are not easy. It requires a lot of thinking and creativity, but once you figure out the solution, it is so satisfying.

Now, here is a picture puzzle that could be found on-line. Have a try at!

How many holes does this t-shirt have?

This puzzle has been published on several websites, and according to the results, only 1 in 7 adults gave the correct answer on their first attempt. Are you part of those seven or you are the one with the correct answer?

How many holes are in this t-shirt? The answer is between – 2, 4, 6 or 8!

Have a go at! Try to solve the puzzle.

Maybe you will give the correct answer, or maybe you will be surprised with the number. You may be surprised to see how many holes the shirt actually has.

Scroll down to see the correct answer.

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