Baby moves up to her dog the Husky gently invites her to play

The baby gets a tad bit rough, but the loving dog is adorably submissive.

It’s no secret that dogs make great companions for kids. And the bond can form at the youngest of ages. A dog can just sense that this is its family and takes it upon itself to protect them and to be as gentle as possible while they’re still babies. The Husky and baby in the video below are the perfect example of this.

The seven-month-old baby crawls up to the Siberian Husky, and she gets a little rough with her. Of course, the kid doesn’t know this or mean it. But when it comes to an animal and their instincts, that doesn’t matter. But dogs, as loving and caring as they are, understand this somehow and allow their baby human to continue playing. It’s why dogs are called Man’s Best Friend and make the best pals one could ever ask for!

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