Very Last 9/11 Rescue Dog Passes Away At 16 Years Old


While dogs make the best friends you could ever hope for, there’s one thing about them that everyone hates more than anything in the world.

These four-legged angels will respect you no matter who you are, they’ll give you total companionship, respect, loyalty, and love; but we all have to live with the heartbreaking fact that these perfect friends will only be with us for a very short time.

Maybe that’s why these animals are so amazing to begin with; perhaps if they had longer lifetimes, they would become cynical or opinionated. Either way, the best we can do is love them with all of our hearts and make sure they’re well taken care of and respected while they’re with us.

Eventually, there comes the time when we have to say goodbye, and for Denise Corliss, this was going to be a difficult one. After 16 years with her beautiful golden retriever Bretagne by her side, she looked into her eyes and realized that her best friend needed to go. But there’s something special about Bretagne that makes this goodbye something that every single American should take a part in. The loss of Bretagne is truly the end of an era.

Special thanks to KPRC2′s Jennifer Bauer for filming this emotional tribute.

Please scroll down to read the amazing story of Bretagne, the last rescue dog of 9/11.


Denise Corliss bought Bretagne back in 1999. The dog showed a lot of promise in search and rescue, and after some intense training, the duo joined the proud ranks of Texas Task Force 1, a search and rescue group prepared to search through rubble.aff1

Corliss and Bretagne had been training and training, but it seemed like no action was ever coming their way. They had been prepared for hurricane season, but thankfully nothing horrible had happened.

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