Man gets a call from a telemarketer and decides to take care of it in the funniest way


We bet you hate it when you are in a middle of something and then out of nowhere the phone rings and there is a telemarketer on the other side trying to sell you a bunch of things you don’t even need. This can be frustrating at times because these people are usually quite pushy and won’t take no for an answer.

One man got fed up with all these annoying calls so he came up with an amazing plan on how to handle the situation.

Tom Mabe: “Hello?”

Telemarketer: “Yes, can I speak with Tom Mabe?”

Tom Mabe: “Who’s calling?”

Telemarketer: “This is Mike. You have been selected to receive a complete digital satellite system for free. With this you’re going to-”

Tom Mabe: “Let me ask you something. Did you know Tom Mabe? Were you a friend of his?”

Mike: “No I’m not. I’m just calling to offer-”

Tom Mabe: “Hol-hol-hold that thought- hold on a second (to others in the room: Hey guys! Get really good pictures of the body… and dust everything for prints.) Mike, you there?”

Mike: “-Yeah…”

Tom Mabe: “Yeah, lemme bring you up to speed. You’ve actually called a murder scene… Mr. Mabe is no longer with us.. I’m Officer Clarke, I’m conducting a homicide investigation. I want to ask you a series of questions… First to all, what was the nature of the business you had with Tom Mabe?”

Mike: “I…I had no business with him. I’m sorry to have bothered-

Tom Mabe: No no no hang on, I’m going to ask you to stay on the phone… this call has already been traced and we may need to come in for further questioning…”

Mike: “You don’t understand, I’m just calling-”

Tom Mabe: “No, you don’t understand. Unless you want to be charged with Obstruction of Justice, it is imperative that you keep your @$$ on the phone, Mike.”
Mike: “How about you just talk to my supervisor?”

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