Man Refused To Give Up On His Paralysed Senior Dog — And He Had One Solution

He knew what he had to do for his dog.

This is the amazing recovery story of Kane, an elderly husky who has been a loyal and loving friend to his owner for many years. Unfortunately due to his age, Kane’s legs suddenly stopped working one day – and his owner was devastated at the sight. Luckily, Kane’s owner was not ready to give up on his canine companion – he had to do something about it.

Plus, Kane was too old for surgery. Pain pills prescribed to him by the local vet was not helping his condition any either. Kane’s owner wanted to try and take the strain off Kane’s back legs while he walks by letting him enjoy himself at the same time. The man eventually came up with the idea of bringing his Husky to swim alongside him, in order to loosen the tension in Kane’s leg muscles. Kane enjoyed the swimming session, and his condition started to improve slowly.

Kane’s owner explains: “Two days ago, his back legs stopped working. He’s very old, too old for surgery and he hurts. Unfortunately, pain medication only helps so much. We’ve found that taking him for a swim is the only thing that really helps.”

Kane started to get his personality back as the pain faded away. The Husky also begun to start walking again, even though he was a bit wobbly at first. He also faces no more gravitational joint pressure on his hind legs, thanks to his owner’s idea. Merely a couple of days after the Husky’s first pool therapy session, Kane healed very well – and is walking normally like he once did before!

Watch the amazing video below!

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