Mom finds son praying on a bench in Walmart. Takes a look at blue board hung on wall above him and breaks down

In July 2017, a picture of a little boy gained the attention of many people on Facebook. The image, which was taken inside a Walmart store, was shared almost 115,000 times.

The little boy got lost when he was with his mother shopping. When she finally found him after a few minutes, she wanted to scold him for disappearing.. until she realized what he’d been up to.

Flickr/Random Retail

“I had to run into Walmart. I turned around to make sure my son was next to me.”


When the mother found her son, he was kneeling at one of the benches towards the front of the store. At first, she didn’t quite understand why he’s kneeling like that. Then she realized that her son was actually praying.. But why?

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