Struggling nurse tries to be ‘Sneaky,’ mom snaps photo letting everyone know she saw her


Until May 18, 2017, Sophie seemed like any normal, healthy 2 year old child. Her parents Shelby and Jonathan thought their two-year-old daughter Sophie was suffering from allergies when she suddenly became unwell.

Doctor suspected asthma as she struggled to breathe. However it would soon become clear that things was much worse. Sophie was due to have an allergy test a few days later but unfortunately it never happened.

One night she just stopped breathing, her parents immediately called an ambulance. Moments later they raced to the hospital only for doctors to confirm that Sophie suffered from something much worse than asthma and allergies.

Inside the walls of Sophie’s chest doctors discovered a softball-sized mass. It appeared the young girl had developed T-cell lymphoma Cancer and all of a sudden was fighting for her life. Sadly, aggressive chemotherapy failed to stop her cancer from spreading.

The treatments affected Sophie’s ability to walk, talk, use her hands and eat. Her parents spent countless hours by her daughter’s side in the hospital as Sophie fought for her life.

Her mom Shelby, keeps watch by her daughter’s side at all times as her only concern how Sophie was being treated as weak body needed a stem cell transplant.

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