Mom spends final moments with her son dying of cancer – then he looks at her and says 4 words that break her heart


Ruth & Jonathan Scully, parents of 3-year-old boy Nolan, thought it was just a harmless cold when their son’s nose got blocked nose. The situation started to raise worries as the days went by with no sign of recovery.

That’s when the good parents received horrifying news about their son’s health. Nolan was was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Nolan Strong

In September 2015, Nolan started having difficulties in breathing and medicine wan’t helping at all.

Two months later, his doctor found out the cause, a tumor that is blocking the boy’s airways.

Nolan Strong

The cancer Nolan is suffering from is a rare form which is, unfortunately, is able to defeat all kinds of treatment.

Nolan Strong

Ruth shared this photo of her son sleeping on bathroom’s mat, this one photo where Nolan is afraid to leave his mom’s side while she’s showering gives us only a glimpse on the struggles he goes through everyday due to his sickness.

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