Moments After This Endangered Tiger Gives Birth To A Cub Cameras Catch The Impossible

The Sumatran tiger, with only 300 to 400 left in the wild, is one of the most critically endangered species in the world. Between rampant poaching and rising deforestation of their natural habitat in Indonesia, those numbers sadly only continue to decline.

So when a new Sumatran tiger cub is born, it’s always a reason for celebration. At the ZSL London Zoo, a pregnant tiger named Melati was due to give birth. After 108 days of pregnancy, she finally went into labor.

What she delivered that day was, however, was a very pleasant surprise! Just wait until you see what Melati did while everyone was watching…

With a dwindling population of only 300 to 400, Sumatran tigers are considered one of the most critically endangered species on planet Earth. And so long as threats like deforestation and poaching continue in their native habitats in Indonesia, their numbers will only continue to decline.

For this reason, there’s always a major cause for celebration when one gives birth to a cub of its own. When Melati, a Sumatran tiger living at the ZSL London Zoo, became pregnant, the staff and scientists were elated, to say the least.

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