Mom gets fed up with bratty son – now her genius letter is taking the internet by storm

Everyone who has a teenager knows that getting them to cooperate isn’t always easy.

They’re happy to get chauffered around, eat your food, and get their allowance, but ask them to do their homework, and they start laughing and walk away or perhaps just lie about.

It’s frustrating, but as a parent, you can rest assured—you’re far from alone.

It all began when Heidi Johnson discovered that her son Aaron had been lying to her. Aaron, 13, had just started working a little on the side posting videos on YouTube, and it quickly went to his head.

One day when Heidi asked Aaron if he had finished homework, he lied and claimed that he had already finished it. But when she pressed further, it became apparent that he was lying. And that’s when he admitted that he had a job to do and that he thought it was more important than his school work.

Heidi realized that she had to do something drastic for her son to understand what was best for him. So she decided to write him a letter.


Dear Aaron,

Since you seem to have forgotten that you are only 13 and I’m the parent, and that you won’t be controlled, I guess you will need to learn a lesson in independence. Also, as you threw in my face that you are making money now, it will be easier to buy back all the items I bought for you in the past.

If you would like your lamp/lightbulbs or access to the internet, you will need to pay your share of costs:

Rent: $430

Electricity: $116

Internet: $21

Food: $150

Also you will need to empty the trash Mon, Wed & Friday as well as sweep and vacuum those days. You will need to keep your bathroom clean weekly, prepare your own meals and clean up after yourself. If you fail to do so I will charge you a $30 maid fee for every day I have to do it.

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