Monster shot him with arrow and left him to die. 2 days later, town mayor sees him and springs into action

The mayor was out on a campaign mission when he stumbled across something shocking. The mayor found a kitty that had been shot with an arrow. Luckily, the kitty was alive.

The mayor rushed the cat to the vet. The vet surgically removed the arrow. Luck was on the cat’s side as the arrow missed major internal organs and veins.

What happens next?

It appears the cat was shot while in a sitting position. It took about two days for the cat to get some help. Although the cat did not suffer any major damage, it suffered some muscle damage. The cat found its way to its home before collapsing the door.

The good news, though, the mayor agreed to settle the operation costs of the cat since the owner was not in a position to do so. The cat’s health is improving

I am so glad that the cat survived. It is a story that will touch animal lovers.

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