New Christmas Ad Goes Viral As Millions Are Left In Tears After Watching.

Earlier this week with a budget of only £50 ($64) Phil Beastall, from Gloucestershire, shared a film on Facebook.

After he created the ad it has rapidly gained attention online after receiving almost five million views.

The 32-year-old’s video, entitled ‘Love Is A Gift’, follows a man as he ticks off the days on his calendar during the countdown to Christmas, as many do.

However, as he reaches the big day, he opens a box which contains a Walkman and cassette tapes.

The video shows him listening to one of the tapes, which transpires to be a farewell message from his mother who passed away.
Evidently his mother left a special message for her son to listen to each Christmas which will pull at  your heartstrings. Phil said: “I think there’s a bit of a revolution going on in the advertising industry.

“People no longer want to be overtly sold something which makes our job as video producers a lot harder because we have to sell indirectly.

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