New Research Says That Daughters Of Nagging Mothers Have A Greater Chance Of Succeeding In Life


It is never easy to be a parent, especially a mother!

It is the mother who has to take the daily grind of all unpleasant tasks, like reminding the kids to do their homework, come home early, or clean their rooms—the list doesn’t end here…


So, it makes perfect sense when a mom feels like all she does is nag. But, though it might feel bad, new research says that nagging moms have more successful daughters.

Researchers in the United Kingdom followed more than fifteen thousand girls, aged from 13 to 14, for about 6 years between 2004 to 2010.


They found that nagging moms set high standards for their daughters which reduces the risk of teen pregnancy as well as the associated difficulties.


For instance, it becomes really difficult for teens with children to graduate from high school.

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