Homeless dog Was Starving To Death, But One Officer Shows Up


The dog had been saved by the kind officer!

Local police officer William McCarty was making his rounds in Fresno, California when he saw something heartbreaking. There on a street corner, stood a lonely homeless dog ravaging through trash for some scraps of food. William, who is an animal lover, realized that he could not bear to just stand by and watch. But instead of stopping the car and walking over to the dog right away, he drove off – but had every intention to return.

Turns out that Officer Marty had made his way to a nearby store and bought some dog food prior to meeting the dog! He headed back to the corner where the dog was last spotted. Officer Marty walked up to it, sat down while placing a bowl of dog food down. William had ample food refills for the dog. This caught the attention of a passerby named Marty Solis, who took a picture of the pair and posted it on social media.

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