Parents killed their own 7-year-old son, then doctor finds heart-wrenching note in the boy’s hand


I did as my mother told me, I went into my room and did not get out until the next day, although I was very hungry and freezing cold.

My grades got worse and worse, and every time dad was informed, he hit me hard. Once he hit me so hard that I could not move my index finger, I never got back the movement in my index finger and all the children laughed at me for it.


Time went by and one day I got a lot of pain in my chest.

Mom and dad did not care I was hurt. In the evening I lay in my bed and I only wanted one thing. I wish I would not hurt more, because I did not want to annoy Mom and Dad. I love them so much, I really do.

The next day at school we were tasked to paint our biggest dream. The other children painted cars, rockets and nice dolls. I did not.

Not because I don’t like those things, but because what I wished for most of all was a loving mom and dad. So I painted a family. One mom, one dad and their son. They played games and everyone was happy. As I painted, I cried silently. I would love to have a mom and dad who loved me.

When it was my turn to showcase my painting for the class, everyone laughed at me.

I stood in front of the class and explained:

“My biggest dream is a family”.

The laughs got louder. I began to cry and said,

“Please don’t laugh at me, this is my biggest dream! You can hit me, you can hate me, but I beg you, please don’t laugh at me.


I want parents like you have, that hug and laugh with me, who pick me up after school and are happy to see me. I know I’m ugly and weak, I know I have a crooked finger, but please don’t laugh at me.”

The teacher tried to wipe my tears, I think some children understood me, but many continued to laugh.

One day when I got a test back, I immediately saw that I had a bad result. I knew my mother would be very upset.

I was afraid to go home, but I did not know where else I would go. I slowly walked home, but I did not want to arrive. My mother became furious.

She grabbed me and threw me on the floor, I hit my leg hard on a chair.

Then she hit me in my head twice. I just lay there, I could not get up. It really hurt. But mom just left me there on the floor.

When she came back she told me to clean up the mess, otherwise when Dad came home he would really beat me.

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