Recent study confirms parents still lose sleep worrying about grown children

Do You Have Empty Nest Syndrome?

Although the term “Empt Nest Syndrome” might not seem real, it is. It is a term that describes how parents feel after their children grow up and leave the home. It only lasts a little while but it is a real thing. Parents still worry about their grown children and a study shows that they actually lose sleep worrying so much about them after they are gone and on their own.

A study was done by researchers at Penn State University, Brigham Young, and the University of Texas at Austin showing that parents go through a trasnitional period where they actually lose sleep worrying so much after their children leave the home.

During the study conducted by these researchers, they found that it isn’t just the moms who worry but their dad’s worry about them too and they also lose sleep over worrying about their adult children being out in the world by themselves.

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