Photo Of Man Using Body To Shield Stranger From Vegas Shooter Went Viral, Then We Learn His Identity


Among all the horrible photos and videos that were captured during the shooting in Las Vegas, U.S. Army soldier Matthew Cobos was seen shielding an innocent women from the gunfire. As Stephen Paddock, 64, rained bullets down on the innocent country music fans, the concert goers fled in a panic. But Cobos remained calm and tackled a woman to the ground in a bout to save her life.

Because Cobos had military training, he knew to shield the woman with his body. And he also knew to cover her eyes because he didn’t want her to see the carnage going on around them. When the photo was first shared online, no one knew who the man was. But after the image went viral, Matthew Cobos came out to tell the world that he was the man who shielded the innocent woman during the bloodshed.

As the world cried over the destruction and death Paddock caused at the Route 91 Harvest festival, the image of Cobos protecting the blonde woman went viral.

Cobos did what he was trained to do – protect innocent Americans from terrorists like Paddock. As the murderer shot thousands of rounds of ammunition upon the crowd of 22,000 music lovers, he had little regard for human life.

Cobos on the other hand still had hope. And as he shielded the young woman from the bullets, he kept her eyes covered. He didn’t want her to have nightmares from all the dead bodies and blood around them.

Moments after the photo was taken, Cobos led the woman behind a nearby car where they sought protection from Paddock’s bullets.

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