This Puppy Was Thought To Be A Jack Russell Terrier, But He Is Not!

Meet Yogi, who wasn’t the breed his owner thought he was.

A woman named Sue Markham had brought a puppy home from a local shelter and told her husband that it was a Jack Russell puppy as he was not keen on having a big dog in the house.

He believed her and agreed to keep him, the puppy was named Yogi. Yogi, however, was far from being the size of a Jack Russell.

Turns out that Yogi was actually a Boston great dane! Now 9 years later, Yogi is a fully-grown and healthy great dane. Sue’s husband, Robert Markham, was shocked after learning the truth about Yogi but still loves him with all his heart. He was not even upset that Sue had told him a small lie at all!

Boston great danes usually weigh an average of 135 lbs but Yogi weighs about 200 lbs, which is 65 lbs more than the average weight. Yogi also measures 6’11” in length! That is the height of a NBA player!

When Yogi was 5 months old, Sue had noticed that he was already bigger than any Jack Russell terriers that he came across. Due to Yogi’s gigantic size, the couple had to use a horse blanket to keep him warm during winter. Even though it was originally meant to fit horses, the blanket fits Yogi perfectly!

Look how big Yogi is! Due to his size, Yogi usually naps on the family couch, which is more than enough for him. The couple are also able to sit beside Yogi when he is resting on the couch.

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