Meet these brothers which they are the ‘rarest triplets in the world’ made history

Expecting a child is a reason enough to be extremely happy and a chance to be a proud parent. Finding out that you expect triplets is a reason plus to be extraordinarily excited. The young Howard family found out that they are going to be proud parents of three babies, but that happiness was dampened by a terrible news. All three babies suffered from an extremely rare medical condition called craniosynostosis.

The medical condition is very rare and it affects 1 in 2,500. The babies develop unusual shape of the skull, and therefore they have strange head features. Nowadays, the patients suffering from craniosynostosis usually find the cure by undergoing several corrective surgeries. Doctors recommend immediate assistance in order to avoid further possible brain damage.

The innocent newborns, Hunter, Jackson and Kaden, faced up with the harshness of life from the moment they were welcomed into the world. Soon after their birth, the doctors concluded that Hunter and Jackson, besides sharing the identical physical characteristics, shared protruded skulls as well.

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