Dog Leads Rescuers To A Box Of abandoned kittens he’s a foster dad now

Unfortunately, many stray kittens can be seen on streets in Greece who have never known in their lives what it means to have a warm home and loving owners.

That’s why the SCARS charity helps poor kittens – they’ve rescued more than 25 kittens in the last month alone.

One of the members of this charity has a puppy named Aragon. He is trained to look for abandoned kittens and found a box years ago while walking in the woods.

The kittens were left behind and the dog owner immediately helped the abandoned animals. If the Aragon would not find them, they would probably soon be found by hungry foxes or other wild animals.

The rescued kittens were examined by the good people, and soon afterwards Aragon delighted many with his actions. The puppy was constantly protecting the kittens and playing with them, and the video will bring a sincere smile to your face!



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