She Sees A Homeless Man Pull A Cart Of Dogs With His Bike. Then She Stops And Changes His Life Forever

On her way home to Arkansas, Alicia Edrington encountered an elderly man on the road. As she approached, she saw that he was carrying ten dogs in a cart from the back of his bike, tugging the furry pets along arduously.

Alicia drove on but could not forget what she had seen. She promised herself that if she saw the man again she would stop and help him.

Sure enough, Alicia soon re-encountered the struggling cyclist.


She learnt that the man, Steve, was from California and had been homeless since 2001. He had for several years devoted all his time to taking care of animals in need and used up all his money to helping vulnerable animals. In recent years, he had helped over 50 dogs.

Steve was on a long drive to see his girlfriend, also an animal lover, who lived over 3,000 miles away in Indiana.


Upon learning his story, Alicia was determined to assist him. With help from her mom, she launched a petition through Facebook targeting other animal lovers across the United States. It took just a few hours before donations came pouring in. A woman even offered to drive Steve and his dogs to his girlfriend in Indiana.

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