Rare white baby reindeer nestled in the snow

Photographer Mads Nordsveen from Oslo, Norway, often goes on hiking trails in the northern parts of the country to capture breathtaking shots of the mountains. During one such trip, he encountered an extremely rare baby reindeer that had an all-white coat!

Initially, Mads had a hard time believing that he had actually spotted a white reindeer. The calf’s snow-white coat blended perfectly in the white backdrop of Norway’s scenic mountains, making him almost invisible. But Mads was awe-struck when the reindeer closed in and looked at him straight in the eyes. The delightful creature even smiled and adorably posed for the camera!

The reindeer calf’s mother soon came out from behind the trees and led her baby away. Mads discovered that unlike the baby reindeer, the other reindeers in the family were all brown-coated. However, this baby reindeer wasn’t an albino as his antlers and eyes still had pigment.

Wildlife researchers say that white-coated reindeers have a very rare genetic mutation that only strips their coat of color. As per an ancient superstition of Norway’s “Sami” community, spotting a white reindeer is considered to be a sign of good fortune. What a magical Christmas moment for this lucky photographer!

Click the video below to watch this rare all-white reindeer and some other similar creatures

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