Woman looks like she’s pregnant with 10 children: Then she sees scans and can’t believe her eyes


You go on a diet, but you continue to gain weight.

You notice your arms and legs and getting thinner, but your stomach is growing. You begin to wonder what’s happening. Is there a diet in the world that causes this? No, there isn’t.

One 24-year-old woman in Mexico experienced just this. Everyone kept telling her that she was surely pregnant – her stomach had swelled so much in just a few months.

But the truth was altogether different – and significantly scarier.

*The following article contains some images readers may find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

When her situation became so bad that she had trouble walking, eating and even breathing, the woman was taken to Mexico General Hospital.

After being admitted, the 24-year-old met Dr. Erik Hanson Viana.

He took no time at all in sending the woman for scans. When the pictures came back, a scary realisation was made.

Image Source: Facebook

The doctors had discovered an ovarian cyst that had grown to such giant proportions as to threaten her life.

The cyst, weighing an incredible 33kg, had begun to compress the two main blood vessels in her body.

Image Source: Facebook

As a result, she was at high risk of a heart attack, and so immediate surgery was necessary.

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